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Information Requests

Data License and Subscriptions

Obtain the Data License and Subscription Agreement.

Select Security Data Reports

Most security data files and/or reports can be found via Security Data on the MBS home page. A few additional security data files/reports can be found here.

To Request Mortgage Securities Documents

To request printed versions of Freddie Mac’s mortgage securities documents, please contact You may also choose to download, view or print the documents directly from the Legal Documentation page.

Deliver Collateral

Access collateral data files for REMICs, Giants, Dollar Rolls, Conversions and Alternative Collateral Securities using a secure interface.

Residual Certificates

Trade, replace, re-denominate or surrender matured REMIC and structured passthrough certificates.

Mortgage Participation Certificates

Convert to book entry, trade, replace or surrender matured Mortgage Participation Certificates (PCs).

Electronic Schedule Q Portal

Request REMIC residual quarterly tax reporting information.

Certificated Security Payment Information

Obtain the breakdown of monthly payments on certificated securities.